A few features below help illustrate the Cuptakes case, and why we are continuing to strive to provide the best case we can to all our customers.

Scratch Proof Graphics

Your Cuptakes case print design is embedded into the plastic using a state-of-the-art printing process that embeds the inks directly within the case. This results in a scratch proof and brilliant gloss effect to each case, and keeps the style the focus and protection a bonus.

Form Fitting

The Cuptakes Case fits to create an extremely slim and sleek profile that allows more of your device to show. The case offers complete access to all buttons and ports for total usage of your device. 


Style alone is certainly not enough when it comes to protecting your device. The Cuptakes case is made of a flexible plastic called Lexan which is stronger, lighter, more flexible, and of higher quality compared to other cases on the market.

iPhone 5 case

iPhone 4 case