Your Life coins and the Update!

December 01, 2016

Hi Everyone! Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, kids back at school and we're all busy moving until Christmas. (Deep breath) Then the New Year! (Deep breath. Again :)

With all of that, we only get so many of these. Imagine each one a coin in your pocket with no way of adding more. One coin is called Thanksgiving, one is called Christmas, New Years, etc... You have a lifetime of them, so how will you spend them? Will you rush through all your coins, or will you slow to savor and enjoy each one?

This Christmas season try to forget the rush of it all and smell the cinnamon, the wood in the fire, and listen to the chatter of little ones as you take it all in. The time goes, and like the saying, "Every man dies, but not every man really lives." Live this season and spend each coin as if it was your last. 

Update this Month

It's impossible to fully express this season in design because you can't smell, taste, touch, or hear it, but we've done our best for you to see the emotion of the season. We hope you enjoy this update and we may add a few more before Christmas too if you all have specific suggestions. :)

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We hope you enjoy this free update!! Please let us know how you like it along with any suggestions you might have! If you're enjoying these free updates and you have a moment, please leave a review through the link below.

Thank you! 

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