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October 01, 2015

October-Cuptakes-UpdateThank you, thank you! Your encouragement for more updates was so well received along with all your wonderful reviews too! They have helped us so much! Also, for those offering suggestions, we are reading each of your reviews and they are so, so helpful!! What's New We're excited about this month's update and we hope you really enjoy them! We've sprinkled in a Fall feel and we hope you get the same sense we are for this time of year! You'll find a little glitter, gold, autumn colors, fall watercolor (fave :), and more! Calendars Although we added an awesome feature for you to add calendars, so many of you wanted pre-made designs delivered monthly. Since we're a small team, we asked for your ongoing support and reviews and you guys did just that! Please continue to do so along with telling sharing Cuptakes with those you love! Thank you for allowing us to keep adding more and doing what we love! You truly make a difference! Direct Delivery We're also now on a server so all our updates are now going straight to you! You may have noticed that we're sending out notifications for new designs. You don't have to go to the App Store to update for new designs, so it's easier for you and more helpful for us to deliver more promptly! Cuptakes for Mac Many of you are asking about the update for the Mac. We don't have that yet on a server to deliver the new designs as efficiently, so you will still need to visit the Mac App Store for the update. We're in the process now of getting that out, so please look out for the update coming up. Cuptakes for Android Thank you to all that have asked for us and who want to see us on that platform. We will have a phone version coming, and we're so excited to finally be able to offer something for everyone over there! Your Reviews Simply put, your support keeps your 99 cents and one time purchase alive and well with continued content. Thank you for helping us doing what we love and being able to offer you something new monthly. With each new added content update, please consider adding a review of what Cuptakes means to you! In thanks, a poem from us to you . .  Flowers are orange and skies are blue, it would't be the same without giving to you. When the day is dreary & the mood is cold, thinking about all of you, makes us bold. To design creatively and inspiring too, just know we love and appreciate all of you. Enjoy the update!! Let us know how you like it along with any suggestions you might have! Also, if you appreciate this update let us and others know in the App Store! Just tap the link below!


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