Our Story and The New Cuptakes Site

March 15, 2017

Our Story and The New Cuptakes Site

Our Story and New Transition

We just want to say thank you so much for those of your who have been with us. We started out as a Husband (Jeron Gaige who loves tech & design stuff) and Wife (who loves design & girly stuff) team in December of 2010 and previously before took the entrepreneurial plunge. Although we had little resources and just starting out, (another story we'll share later) we had one BIG but simple App idea, to create a feminine wallpaper app just for women in a crowded male dominated App Store. 

Totally Amazed...

After working non-stop to build the app on this new and interesting name "Cuptakes" we anticipated what would happen the moment we launched. What was going to happen in this new App world we just entered? To our absolute amazement we ranked toward the top of the App Store and we could just pinch ourselves, and all the hard work made it all worth it. It truly showed how much need there was and there wasn't anything else out there like it. We honestly don't even remember there being a home screen that matched a lock screen so we're not sure if we should take credit for wallpaper themes in the App Store, LOL! It was such an amazing moment and truly birthed something special for us and we know for so many of you. 

Dillards Just Contacted, What?...

A little over a year later we launched the Cuptakes Case store with the idea to match the designs, and once again things began to take off with everyone's support along with a strong interest from those on pinterest too! We soon were contacted by Dillards, and we distributed select cases to HomeGoods until they pulled out of the tech industry. We thought about expanding the Cuptakes Store, but just never made a move.... until now.

What Now?...

As you all know the Cuptakes app is .99 cents and has been that way for 7+ years. So, if you've purchased that 7 years ago we've been updating designs every month since for only a one time .99 cents purchase without ads. We thought if we wanted to keep the brand going further and beyond our own cases, let's offer more of what everyone already loves, girly and beautiful designed items that compliment women of all ages. Thus,... the New Cuptakes Site was born!

We want this new site to be everything that you would want or love in it. At launch we have some fun collections that we think you will love along with girly iPhone accessories like selfie sticks, charger stands, Apple watch bands and more! We even have a new Make Your Own Case Option! We'll send out more updates with each part of the store, but we're so excited and we hope you love it! See the store now!

Feedback and Your Support

We want the Cuptakes Store to be everything you would like it to be. If we can do anything better, add anything you're looking for, or have general feedback, we would love for you to let us know?! Thank you for letting us share a little about our story! 

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