New Wallpapers- just in time for Valentines

February 09, 2011

It's that time again! Apple just approved a new update for us with new wallpapers so that should be available for you within a couple hours! In this update I've added 30+ new designs for the iPhone and iPad, including some Valentines graphics and February and March calendars! I had so much fun designing these new designs and did a little bit more with icon skins this time opposed to shelves only. Also, thank you everyone for your suggestions. I'm committed to an ongoing app so I'm looking forward to adding new designs all the time!
What are others saying about Cuptakes? "I was so happy to find an app that had cute and girly iPhone wallpaper. I love it so much! Definitely my favorite wallpaper app!!!" by Ally Davis " Absolutely Beautiful! The wallpapers are both fun and elegant- Instead of looking for a wallpaper to go with my phone cover, I now have to find a phone cover that compliments my wallpaper! Can't wait to see what else is on the "menu"!" by La Mimada "Best wallpaper app out there! I have yet to find another wallpaper app as good as this one." by Tessellalove
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