Look what you and Cuptakes can do! Version 3.0!

May 11, 2015


We're so happy to announce the new Cuptakes update version 3.0!

We've detailed out what's new in this update and what is still yet to come! Your feedback and suggestions are so helpful! For this update we have:
  1. Created 14 Categories to help you find your favorite design style a bit quicker
  2. Created a Calendar creation tool so you can create over 500+ new Calendars any time
  3. Added the ability to Monogram any design
  4. Added the ability to load new content via a server and not having to submit to Apple
  5. Added a new fave "heart" icon
  Calendar Creations Calendars has become, for the most part, everyone's favorite aspect of Cuptakes! This was kinda of a surprise, but when there would be a delay we would certainly here about the importance of having them by the first of the month, and rightfully so! That demand has grown and it was a no brainer to go from 5 calendars a month to putting the creativity in everyone's hands, to now the creative option to have over 500 plus choices in the gallery! There are currently 5 calendar styles and 6 calendar background graphic choices and countless color options just for one design. Imagine the endless creative choices you have with over 500 designs in the gallery, and now the option to choose from your camera roll too! It's endless what you could do! We hope you all love this calendar feature addition, and if you feel up to it, please share what you've made for your lock screen to Instagram and share it with us too! We'd love to see it! - Future Updates:
  1. More calendar styles and graphics for future updates
  2. Finger gestures to resize and move the calendars
  Monogram Creations Why not keep adding more value to Cuptakes! That was the thought in making this update even better. If you could add a Calendar, why not monograms too! Not only are there the current gallery that you can use, but you can also import a photo or design from your Camera roll. Say you have some Vera Bradley wallpaper backgrounds in your camera roll, simply upload them into Cuptakes and add a personalized monogram or calendar and apply! (please check with each designer copyright. The best rule of thumb is to only use personally and not for redistribution.) - Future Updates:
  1. More monogram fonts and graphics
  2. The larger 2nd letter along with the round monogram design
  3. Finger gestures to resize and move the monograms
  New Categories We've added 14 categories to help everyone find any design style quicker! Fave Icon A new fave "heart" icon has been added for ease to save your fave!  

In Summary!

This is our largest update yet, and really adds more options to create the best backgrounds for your lock and home screen! With the addition of Calendar and Monogram creations, you can have nearly an endless ability to create something so beautiful and unique! We've come a long way starting as a small team and releasing Cuptakes in December of 2010 with one idea, and that was to provide a great option for girly and feminine backgrounds where there was none in the App Store. We also added the ability to match your lock and home screen, and believe it or not, there wasn't any themes back then, but we may not go as far as to say we were the first yet, hahaha! In terms of what was offered, Cuptakes has generally known for updated designs and calendars delivered at the beginning of every month. We've now evolved with using all those updates, which started with 65 designs, to now over 500 and turning those updates into a wonderful gallery you can create from! Some of you have expressed the desire for more designs updated monthly beyond the calendars, and although updating every month has had it's challenges with limited help, we are still going to update seasonally and holidays. We're also going to explore possibilities to assemble some additional great designers that can contribute too! We will keep you posted! Thank you for all your feedback and suggestions! If you've been with us almost 5 years now, then your same .99 cents is still giving back to you. We hope you see the ongoing value, and the only thing we would ask is for your continued support, tell your friends and family about us, and if you can, your updated awesome reviews with each new update! You may never know how much it means! Our hope and plan is to keep making Cuptakes special for you!

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